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Complete EPoS system
for restaurants

Trendy bistro, fine dining, busy gastro pub or restaurant chain? A Mobo EPoS system can be relied on to help you operate your business smoothly and efficiently. Our hospitality designed tech will meet the high expectations that every hard working restaurateur demands.

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Scale up your business

Unleash your potential by opening up online sales channels, adding new locations and empowering your team.

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Streamline operations

Automate manual tasks and daily routines to get more done with less time and fewer staff.

Repeat customers

Ignite repeat business with instore and online loyalty programmes and blow your competition away.

Restaurant EPoS system features

Reinvent your restaurant and turn tables faster with a fully integrated EPoS system.

  • Custom floor plans show live views of tables, bar tabs and open bills to minimise errors
  • Take orders and payments from wireless handheld devices
  • Integrated online table reservations with deposits
  • Easily transfer items between tables, split bills and go Dutch
  • Beat the clock pricing, set menus and loyalty offers
  • Digital handheld order pads complement table service

Pay at table billing

Ideal for bustling restaurants, Pay at Table means printing and splitting the bill and adding gratuity can all be done on your card machine. So no more pacing back and forth from the table to the till. Experience faster transactions and fewer mistakes.

Get more from your restaurant EPoS system

Bespoke your EPOS System with some of our extra modules and hardware. We recommend:

Online table reservations

Simplify the processes surrounding table bookings with TouchReservation. It frees up your staff by linking online reservations directly with your EPOS and reservation terminals. Automating table allocation, taking deposits and order confirmations online; even when you're closed.

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Kitchen Monitor

Kitchen Order Screens

Fire up the kitchen with digital order screens and get accurate orders every time. From starters to desserts, customer orders are organised on kitchen screens for easy ticket management.

Kitchen staff have control including the ability to view, sort or peg meal orders, and set preparation timers to ensure nothing is forgotten and meals go out on time.

The chef knows what's on each order and how many portions of each item are upcoming.

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Online Management & Reports

TouchOfffice Web provides complete control over your business from anywhere. View real-time sales and historical reports in an instant. Pie charts, spreadsheets, stock, staff, pricing and programming; TouchOffice Web gives you control over it all.

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Porto Italian

Bowness on Windermere

This site approached us for a full system of 2 touch screen tills. This was setup with kitchen screen and a kitchen printer back up.

King Street

Whalley, Lancashire

We supplied this fantastic restaurant with 2 complete VariPOS touch screen tills. This site also opted for back office software and reservations.

Why choose mobo?

By listening and understanding about what you do, we can recommend a bespoke EPOS system that works hard for your business. We will look at how your business operates and suggest ways to use technology to improve what you do, save time, reduce costs and increase revenue.

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Quick to go live

Our support team will onboard all your products, menus and prices, getting you up and running in just a few days.

One-on-one training

Our user-friendly system is quick and easy to use. When you’re ready to learn more there’s always a friendly expert ready to teach more.

Support when you need it

We truly believe that providing excellent customer care is the best way to grow our business. Our support team is always willing to help.