Drive repeat business with customer loyalty

Use loyalty points and discount offers to encourage repeat business. Loyalty helps build relationships and encourages customers to recommend you and  speak highly of you to their friends and family, spreading a positive image of your business.

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Customer Analytics

Loyalty software is the clever way to monitor your customers and their spending habits allowing you to plan and roll out promotions, targeting specific stock, days or people.

Manage Unused Stocks

Encourage the purchase of unused stock with a points system for deferred discounts on selected lines.


Reward Customers

Reward regular customers or use the loyalty system to encourage customers to return if they haven't been in for a while. Loyalty gives you the tools to interact with your customers more often.

Rewards are endless

Loyalty gives regular customers, members, VIPs or even staff an instant discount on their purchases. Elaborate points schemes can also be created that incentivise customers to make repeat purchases for a deferred discount or other rewards.

Engage with your customers

Customers spending habits are tracked over time, allowing you to create and schedule targeted promotions based on various criteria.
Know your customers spending habits more than they realise themselves and let them know that they will probably like some butter to go with their bread.

Multiple sites

Loyalty can be installed across multiple sites and businesses or on single back office systems, enabling customers to use their loyalty cards across a chain of sites.

Photo ID

The photo ID checking system allows the clerk to confirm the identity of the card holder so that no cards are stolen or shared.

Customer interactions

Helps create targeted customer interactions such as mailshots and SMS messages.

Why choose mobo?

By listening and understanding about what you do, we can recommend a bespoke EPOS system that works hard for your business. We will look at how your business operates and suggest ways to use technology to improve what you do, save time, reduce costs and increase revenue.

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