Kitchen display software for order tickets

Improve the way food and drink orders are processed with simple to use kitchen order screens. Fulfil orders from anywhere, the tills, self-serve kiosk, online or App, everything is sent to the kitchen.

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Never lose orders

Digital orders go straight to the kitchen display. None get dropped and no information gets lost or misinterpreted.

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Set timers

Preparation timers ensure meals leave the kitchen on time. Utilise one-shot timers or reset on individual orders.

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Choose your interface

Utilise kitchen screens in the mode that suits your business best: touch screen, keyboard, bump bar or hybrid.

Transform the way orders are processed

When staff take an order at a till, via , or when customers place their own orders via a app,kiosk or webshop, TKithen receives information directly.The kitchen team can easily manage each order as it arrives and view it on their digital kitchen display software, so they can begin preparing the food straight away. Information displayed s clear and legible, and there’s no room for misunderstanding what has been ordered.


Recall orders

Easily and quickly recall finalised orders to check the details or reset the order for repeat preparation when needed.

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Order status screen

Link to Collection software, the customer-facing order progress displays to automate 'ready for collection' notifications.


Organise courses

Peg orders easily between courses to let the kitchen team know when the next course is ready to be prepared.

Speed up service and ensure food leaves the kitchen on time

With an intuitive, customisable layout, the kitchen monitor system can be configured to fit your business needs, giving kitchen teams full control over their kitchen order solution.

They’ll have the ability to view orders instantly, sort or peg meal orders between courses, and set preparation timers to ensure nothing is forgotten, meals go out on time and they alert the waiting staff when an order is ready for service. Chef will know exactly what’s on each order thanks to the kitchen video software and know exactly how many portions of each item need to be prepared, with zero confusion of handwritten orders.


Speed up service

With an intuitive, customisable layout, Kitchen screens will help you speed up service and improve customer experience.


Categorise by colour

Use in-built colour options to categorise order times, courses like starters, mains and desserts, or any other classification.



Operate multiple screens - great for separating drink orders to the bar and food orders to the kitchen.

Integrate an optional bump bar to further increase efficiency

Chefs can easily control the kitchen screen with a quick-action bump bar.
In sticky, hot kitchen environments, an easily accessible bump bar can vastly improve efficiency and productivity, allowing chefs to control their kitchen video devices much easier.
A bump bar can be configured to your specification and creates a great option for when large, wall mounted tablet or TV displays are in use and may be out of reach.

Kitchen Bump System

Why choose mobo?

By listening and understanding about what you do, we can recommend a bespoke EPOS system that works hard for your business. We will look at how your business operates and suggest ways to use technology to improve what you do, save time, reduce costs and increase revenue.

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Our support team will onboard all your products, menus and prices, getting you up and running in just a few days.

One-on-one training

Our user-friendly system is quick and easy to use. When you’re ready to learn more there’s always a friendly expert ready to teach more.

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We truly believe that providing excellent customer care is the best way to grow our business. Our support team is always willing to help.